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An effectively operated car park can increase retail revenue up to 25%. Secure offers parking solutions that ensure there is always easy parking available for your customers.

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We have the experience, flexibility and technology to develop a tailored parking solution that meets the requirements of your car park, whether it’s a free-parking period or Pay & Display operation.

Pay & Display

Pay & Display is a cost-effective solution for paid-parking operations. The right equipment, signage and enforcement will ensure parking bays are always available for legitimate customers.

Secure’s Pay & Display system includes:

  • Clear signage that outlines the Terms and Conditions for parking in your car park and the penalties if they are not followed
  • Advanced, tamper-proof equipment that’s easy for customers to operate.
  • Transparent reporting that accounts for every dollar put into the machines.

Both cash and credit card payment options. Credit card transactions are processed in real time to minimise the risks associated with fraud. We also use an independent cash collection service to clear equipment on a regular basis.

Why choose Pay & Display?

Pay & Display is ideal for the following properties:

  • Small, medium and large car parks
  • Properties with limited capital expenditure budgets
  • Shopping centres
  • Re-development sites where long tenure isn’t guaranteed
  • Car parks with security issues
  • Apartment complexes

Pay & Display is substantially cheaper to install and operate than traditional car park access control systems

Licence Plate Recognition

Traffic Monitoring Services (TMS) conducts regular patrols of our clients’ car parks using Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technology - state-of-the-art cameras with accurate and proven software solutions.

  • Benefits of LPR:
  • It eliminates parking misuse and ensures bays are available for legitimate shoppers.
  • Tenants permitted to park in the car park can register their licence plates with the LPR software, allowing them to park in the car park without risk of infringement.
  • Time Zone Parking can be effectively patrolled and enforced, giving the ability to create shorter parking periods in the most convenient bays, allowing higher turnover.

Protect your parking

Secure Parking is the first car park operator to receive accreditation under Parking Australia’s new Accredited Operator Scheme. It ensures privately owned car parks operate under a strict code of practice.

How Secure enforces parking conditions:

  • We issue non-compliance breach notices through TMS to enforce payment for parking breaches.
  • Customer service remains paramount throughout the breach notice process and follow-up activity – every case is treated with sensitivity.
  • The TMS online appeals process is the most fair and equitable on the market. If a parker has overstayed the maximum parking period, but has evidence they are a legitimate retail customer, TMS can revoke the breach notice.
  • Parkers who don’t have access to the internet are directed to appeal in writing or, in some cases, an appeal form is available from centre management.



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