Secure Parking’s plan to help Sydney’s struggling CBD businesses

09 Oct 2020
Pre-plan your work journey

Secure Parking is urging concerned Sydney city workers to rethink public transport in the wake of the latest coronavirus cluster and to pre-plan their work journey by booking a daily parking space online at Secure-a-Spot.

Secure-a-Spot all day online rates commencing from $7* in Chatswood and $17* in the CBD provide an affordable and guaranteed parking option for commuters.

Secure Parking CEO Peter Anson said many workers are now transitioning back to workplaces and may feel unsafe travelling on public transport.

“For those who want to avoid using public transport we have online rates available to make it affordable to travel to work safely in the comfort of your own vehicle.”

Mr Anson said the flow on effect of workers returning to CBD offices is extremely beneficial for struggling retailers and will further assist in helping to reinvigorate the CBD.

He said all businesses had struggled over the past six months and increased foot traffic across the CBD can only be positive for the economy.

“We encourage CBD workers to book their parking and at the same time show their support for local businesses in the CBD ,” Mr Anson said.

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