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Improve your site’s revenue and potential

Secure Consulting has more than 35 years’ experience designing and operating Australia’s best car parks. We utilise the latest technology to make practical improvements and effectively plan for future growth.

How we can help you

Traffic Impact & Public Demand Analysis

Secure Parking uses industry data and site-specific research to assess the local traffic impact and parking demands for your car park. The result is a more streamlined operation that will meet your parking requirements both now and in the future.

Feasibility & Revenue Modelling

Our advanced modeling service minimizes investment risk by calculating the return on investment and feasibility of a project. We can project the capital expenditure, monthly operating costs and revenue for your development.

Parking Strategy and Design Review

A Parking Strategy identifies the planning principles, strategic intent and primary issues you need to consider when designing your car park; while a Design Review addresses operational and functionality issues to ensure the car park is safe and convenient.

The result is a carefully planned and assessed car park that can be rapidly and seamless implemented on site.         

Parking Management System Design

Secure Parking is the expert when it comes to parking technology and equipment. Our knowledge and superior customer service ensure the best access, parking, security and financial management solutions for your business.

Signage & Way Finding Systems

A Signage & Way Finding System will safely and efficiently direct drivers to vacant bays in your car park. Way Finding signs lead pedestrians to their destinations, back to their vehicles and out of the car park again. The right system will increase customer satisfaction and improve traffic flow.

Environmental Management

Secure Parking offers a range of strategies to minimise the environmental impact of your car park, satisfying corporate responsibility and long-term sustainability practices.


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