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Protect & grow your asset

The award-winning finance team at Secure Parking provides the highest level of security and innovation to clients through its SecureSure accounting system. Real-time data analysis identifies trends and recommends effective yield-management strategies for car parking assets. 

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Our Financial Team

Secure Parking has been awarded ‘Knowledge Partner’ status under CPA Australia’s Recognised Employer Program for our commitment to internal training.
Our team has also won the prestigious CFO DealBook Finance Team of the Year Award. The award recognises finance teams that make an outstanding difference to both their clients’ and their own organisation.

Be SecureSure

Secure Parking uses the SecureSure system, a global best-practice accounting, audit and risk management solution that offers:

  • Advanced transaction processing software and fully integrated data capture systems
  • Automated compliance test safeguards
  • Operational excellence assurance reviews that assess and address all financial and non-financial quality and risk issues at car park level
  • External cash collection and banking services providers to ensure independence and control over revenue verification methods
  • Rigorous internal and external auditing at state and national levels

Shift Cube Reporting

Secure Parking uses Shift Cube Reporting - a business intelligence tool that provides both real time and predictive analysis. Cube offers flexible data analysis to your business, enabling better decision making and more accurate planning for the future.

Flexible financial solutions

The Secure Parking finance team can provide tailored operational and capital funding solutions for a wide variety of car parking asset arrangements, including:

  • Lease
  • Rental
  • Management
  • Labour-hire
  • Profit-share
  • Consignment

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