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Ticketless & Cashless Parking comes to NZ

01 Sep 2020
Ticketless & Cashless Parking comes to NZ - inugo

We are currently adopting new technology in our car parks to enable you to park and pay without tickets or cash! Easy as! 

Our first Secure car park with the Inugo payment option is The Chancery Rooftop Car Park.

What is Inugo?

Inugo is an alternative way of booking & paying for your parking at the Chancery Rooftop Car Park. Removing the need for swipe cards and pay machines - Inugo handles all of this through an app.

  • Cashless
  • Ticketless
  • Contactless

How to use Inugo

After downloading the app from either the App Store or Google Play:

  1. Once you have driven into the car park open the Inugo App.
  2. After Parking - The Inugo App will recognise which bay you are in and auto open the Parking Selection screen. Select how long you wish to stay and add your license plate number.
  3. Accept - You will be shown a confirmation screen. Accept charges if the information is correct.
  4. Updates - A live update screen will be shown in the app, with how much you will be charged, how long you have been parking for and how long you have remaining.
  5. To stop parking - To end your session select 'Show Parking Options'. Select the red button, which will take you to a final overview page. Select 'Stop Parking'. A summary screen will be displayed of you entire parking time and charges and a receipt will be emailed to you. If you do no manually end your parking time period in this way the parking time will auto-expire at the time you originally selected. A receipt of this parking time and charges will be emailed to you when it expires.

FAQ's about Inugo

Do I need to create an Inugo account before I can park using Inugo?

Yes, you will need to register on the Inugo App before you can access any Inugo car parks.

Why do I need to have my smartphone Bluetooth enabled?

The Inugo app uses Bluetooth to talk to the garage gate to tell it to open and close.

More specifically, the Inugo App, the Inugo Intelligent Gate Controller, and the Inugo Operator Portal are all talking with one another using the Internet and Bluetooth.

Can I still take and receive calls while the Inugo app is active?

Yes absolutely, the Inugo App will not interfere with other Bluetooth devices

Do I need to enter my credit card details?

Credit card details are only required if Inugo is being used to enter and pay for a car park. It is not required if Inugo is being used for free or private parking.

Are my credit card details safe?

Your credit card details are never held by Inugo. When you enter your credit card number into the app, those details are sent directly to our credit card processor, and we do not keep a copy. The credit card processor has access to your credit card details, and will charge your card for parking when we ask them to.


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