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An in car park payment service

Pay for parking on your mobile phone quickly and easily without having to queue at machines and to avoid unnecessary contact.

  • No paper tickets.
  • Avoid parking infringements
  • Top-Up seamlessly and extend your desired parking time quickly and easily.
  • Only pay for the time parked, when you end your parking time early.
  • Handy reminders to make your life simple.
  • Simplified expense administration! If you need a receipt you can find it on your phone.

Get Secure Pay by App NOW before you get to the car park!

Download the app today and park and pay quickly on arrival at the car park.

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Can the app be used to book a spot in advance?

NO - you must be in the car park to use the Secure Parking App

How will I know that the car park is a Pay by App car park?

You will see signage in the car park including a QR Code link you can use to download the Secure Parking App. You will also see Pay by App listed as a Payment Method on the website.


How will I know how much my parking cost?

The total cost of parking is estimated when you start your parking session. The final charge is calculated once the parking session is ended.

Can I get a tax invoice for work?

YES - a tax invoice will be emailed to your when your parking session ends. You can also tap on the relevant payment record to open it, then tap on Resend Receipt to have a tax invoice for the amount sent to their registered email address.

What will happen if there is a boomgate at the car park entry?

Car parks with a boomgate, will open automatically when you approach and present your mobile device, with the Secure Pay by App enabled, to the monitor as you enter the car park. This will begin your parking session and when exiting this will end your parking session.

What do I do if I need help?

Call us on: 

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