Secure-a-Spot More Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions as at 1 July 2019

1. Secure Parking, as promoter (Promoter) is rewarding its Club Secure Members with a gift when they reach certain milestones using Secure a Spot as part of its Secure-a-Spot More… Program (or SaS More).
2. The SaS More Program is subject to these General Terms and Conditions
3. To be eligible to participate in the SaS More Program and receive the benefits of the SaS More Program, a participant must:
a. be a resident of Australia (18 years of age or over) and subscribed to Secure Parking’s Club Secure database; and
b. successfully complete purchases on Secure-a-Spot – Secure Parking’s online booking service only available at
4. If for any reason:
a. any aspect of the SAS More Program is not able to be fulfilled/completed; or
b. the participant’s membership of Club Secure is terminated or rescinded; or
c. the participant unsubscribes from the Club Secure database, the participant will not be entitled to receive the benefits of the SaS More Program (if any).
5. Where the SaS More Program provides a reward to a Participant, receipt of the reward is subject to the terms and conditions of the SaS More Program and the SaS More Rewards terms and conditions.
6. A participant will receive SaS More Rewards when their SaS More Status reaches a specific SaS More Rewards Spend Milestone.
7. Secure Parking is not required to disclose the spend value of a SaS More Reward Milestone or advise a participant the amount they need to spend to reach a SaS More Reward Milestone. A participant will be able to track their progress towards their next SaS More Reward by viewing the SaS More Rewards
Status Bar which will be available in emails they receive from Club Secure. The SaS More Rewards Status Bar provides a representation of where a participant’s cumulative spend is in relation to the next available SaS More Reward and is not intended to provide an exact position.
8. A participant’s SaS More Status is based on their lifetime Cumulative Spend on Secure-a-Spot Transactions on an individual Secure-a-Spot account. If a participant has multiple Secure-a-Spot accounts, each account will have its own SaS More Status based on the cumulative spend within that account. A participant will not be permitted to  combine the cumulative spend on multiple accounts to achieve a higher SaS More Status.
9. At the time of the launch of the SaS More Program, a participant’s SAS More Status will be set at the most recent record of the Cumulative Spend on Secure-a-Spot transactions.
10. There may at times be a lag between a participant’s actual Cumulative Spend and the Cumulative Spend on which the Participant’s SaS More Status is based.
11. If by successfully completing a Secure-a-Spot transaction, a participant’s cumulative spend passes through more than one SaS More Reward Milestone, the Promoter will only be liable to provide the participant with the SaS More Reward that applies to the higher SaS More Reward Spend Milestone.
12. SaS More Rewards may change at the discretion of the Promoter and may not be offered for to all Club Secure Members.
13. The Promoter reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to vary or cancel, terminate or suspend the SaS More Program or other benefit or promotion in connection with the SaS More Program at any time without prior notice. Should any dispute arise, the decision of the Promoter shall be final.
14. Employees of the Promoter, its related entities or consultants as well as their Immediate Families and friends, are ineligible to participant in the SaS More Program.
15. To the extent permitted by law the Promoter and its employees and agents will not be liable for:
a. personal injury, death, damage to or loss of property, financial loss, lost profit, or loss of opportunity or other economic loss arising from the act or omission of any person in the delivery, supply or use of the SaS More Reward and whether the act or omission is deliberate, reckless, negligent or otherwise constitutes a tort, breaches any statutory duty or any contract;
b. any failure by any third party (including any sponsor or the supplier of any SaS More Reward to provide a SaS More Reward or to provide it as promised as a result of  bankruptcy or entry into any other form of administration in insolvency;
c. any defect in any SaS More Reward;
d. the consequences of late or misdirected mail, including but not limited to the consequence that you may not actually receive notice that you have received a SaS More Reward;
e. the consequences of any fraud or cheating of any entrant or third person;
f. loss of any kind caused by any event outside our reasonable control of, including but not limited to strikes and other industrial action, wars, acts of terrorism, natural disaster, inclement weather and acts of God; or
g. any tax liability incurred as a result of receiving a SAS More Reward or other benefit as a result of participating in the SaS More Program. You must obtain independent tax and financial advice.
16. By participating in the SaS More Program and providing their Personal Information you consent to receiving electronic newsletters from the Promoter and materials about the Promoter’s services.
17. The Promoter offers SaS More Rewards and benefits in connection with the SaS More Program as trustee for the Secure Kings Unit Trust and in no other capacity. Any liability of the Promoter arising under or in connection with this program is limited to the amount the Promoter is entitled to and actually receives in the exercise of its right of indemnity from the property of the Trust.
18. The Promoter may not be sued in any capacity other than as trustee for the Trust, including seeking the appointment of a receiver (except in relation to the property of the Trust), a liquidator, an administrator or any similar person to the Promoter or provide in any liquidation, administration or arrangement of or
affecting the Promoter (except in relation to the property of the Trust).
19. If a participant in the SaS More Program tampers with, or subverts, the processes relating to participation in the SaS More Program, or may benefit from such tampering or subversion by any other person, the Promoter reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify that participant.
20. Nothing in these conditions varies any terms or conditions applicable to the supply of goods or services by us.
21. All transactional data of participants in the SAS More Program become the property of the Promoter. The Promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
22. Data from participants will be collected and used for the purposes of conducting the SaS More Program (which may include disclosure to third parties for the purpose of processing and conducting the SaS more Program) and for publicity purposes surrounding the SaS More Program promotion.
23. All participants in the SaS More Program are members of the Club Secure database. A member can opt-out of the program at any time by email by clicking the unsubscribe link included in any Club Secure email. By unsubscribing to the Club Secure database, you relinquish your rights to participate in the SaS More Program. A full set of membership terms and conditions of Club Secure membership is available at Participants may also be subscribed to receive offers from Secure Parking partners.
24. In these terms and conditions , the following words and expressions will have the meaning attributed to them (unless the context otherwise requires):
a. “Club Secure” means Secure Parking’s customer database.
b. “Club Secure Member” means a customer that has an active record (with email address as identifier) on the Club Secure database.
c. “Cumulative Lifetime Spend” means the total spend on Secure-a-Spot transactions that can be attributed to an individual Secure-a-Spot account since the account was registered.
d. “GST” means the tax imposed or assessed by the GST Act and its related legislation and includes any similar or substitute impost introduced in the future and, where used in the context of GST, the phrases ‘consideration’, ‘input tax credit’ and ‘taxable supply’ have the respective meanings given to those terms by the GST Act.
e. “Immediate Family” means spouse, de-facto spouse, parent, natural or adopted child or sibling and whether living in the same household or otherwise.
f. “IP Address” means a logical numeric address that is assigned to every single computer, printer, switch, router or any other device that is part of a TCP/IP-based network.
g. “Personal Information” means first name, email address and state of residence.
h. “Secure Parking” means Secure Parking Pty Ltd as Trustee for Secure Kings Unit Trust (ABN 31 669 236 037).
i. Secure Parking Website – means the Secure Parking website available online at
j. “Secure-a-Spot” or “SaS” means Secure Parking’s online booking service.
k. “Secure-a-Spot More Program” or “SaS More Program” means the overall program for the facilitation of SaS More Rewards based on cumulative spend on Secure-a-Spot).
l. “Secure-a-Spot More Reward or “SaS Reward” means an individual reward which is provided to a Club Secure Member when they reach spend milestones based on their cumulative lifetime spend on Secure-a-Spot booking transactions.
m. “Secure-a-Spot More Status” or “SaS More Status” means the status held by a Club Secure Member in the SaS More Program based on the Cumulative Lifetime Spend on
Secure-a-Spot transactions
n. “Secure-a-Spot Account” or “SaS Account” means an individual account as identified by an unique email address held by a Club Secure Member for the specific purpose of using Secure-a-Spot
o. “Secure-a-Spot More Rewards Spend Milestone” or “SaS More Rewards Spend
Milestone” means a milestone in which a Club Secure Member qualifies to receive a SaS
More Reward based on their Cumulative Spend on Secure-a-Spot transactions in a Secure-a-Spot Account.
p. “Secure-a-Spot More Rewards Status Bar” or “SaS More Rewards Status Bar” means a graphical representation of a Participant’s progress towards a SaS More Rewards Spend Milestone that will appear in selected emails from Club Secure.

Secure-a-Spot More Program – Secure-a-Spot More Rewards


Terms and Conditions

1. The General Terms and Conditions of the Secure-a-Spot More Program (General Terms and Conditions), which are available on the Secure Parking website at are deemed to form part of and are incorporated in these terms and conditions.
2. To the extent of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and the General Terms and Conditions the General Terms and Conditions shall prevail.
3. Capitalised words and expressions used in these terms and conditions have the meaning given in the General Terms and Conditions unless expressly defined otherwise.
4. The following conditions apply to any Secure-a-Spot More Reward (SaS More Reward) offered as part of the Secure-a-Spot More Program (SaS More Program)
a. Each SaS More Reward comprises of one (1) x Promotion Code only available for use at selected Secure Parking car parks that offer Secure-a-Spot – Secure Parking’s online booking service for parking. (Available at
b. A SaS More Reward Promotion Code can only be successfully redeemed for the car parks and products for which it has been specifically designed.
c. A SaS More Promotion Code can only be specifically redeemed within a participants Secure-a-Spot Account if the participants SaS More Status is in line with the SaS More Spend Milestone for which the Promotion Code has been rewarded d. Secure-a-Spot is available at over 130 Secure Parking car parks across Australia, however not all
Secure-a-Spot Car Parks offer all Secure-a-Spot products.
e. All promotion codes issued will have a maximum expiry date of the 15th day of the preceding month to the month in which the Promotion Code is issued to the Participant. Promotion Codes will not be valid for use after their expiry date nor can they be replaced with a new Promotion Code.
f. Only one Promotion Code will be issued to a Participant per SaS More Spend Rewards Milestone.
g. Only one Promotion Code can be applied to each individual booking.
h. For a multi-day or multi-bay booking, the promotion code will be applied to the first bay within the booking.
i. Promotion Codes are only redeemable for online bookings and cannot be redeemed at a car park auto-pay-station or cashier station.
j. Each SaS More Reward is not transferable to any other person or redeemable for cash.
k. When registering for the Secure-a-Spot booking service, a winner is required to register a nominated credit card via a PCI-DSS compliant card safe.
5. The Promotion Code may only be used at selected Secure Parking car parks that allow car parking to be booked using Secure Parking’s online booking system “Secure-a-Spot”, except Riverbank Car Park in Parramatta NSW, Gold Coast Private Hospital and Gold Coast University car park in QLD.
6. When registering for the Secure-a-Spot booking service, a user is required to register a nominated credit.

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